1. Where can I find the City’s Day Zero plans?
  2. When is Day Zero?
  3. Why does the date for Day Zero keep changing?
  4. How do I report a burst or leaking water pipe?
  5. Where can I check on the Cape Town supply dam levels?
  6. How do find out more about wellpoints, boreholes, aquifers and groundwater?
  7. How can I use less water?
  8. What can I do to prepare for Day Zero?
  9. How do I register for eServices?
  10. How do I read my water meter?
  11. How are the Water Management Devices supposed to work?
  12. Why has a Water Management Device been forced on me?
  13. When is the drought going to end?
  14. Why is the City not using the water from the Table Mountain Springs?
  15. Is it true that a broken sluice gate at Theewaterskloof dam is wasting millions of litres of water?
  16. Why is the City not clearing the canals which feed Voel Vlei dam?
  17. Why can’t I sell my borehole water?
  18. Why is the City not imposing restrictions on boreholes?
  19. How can I use the creepy crawly in my pool if the level has dropped?
  20. Is it true that billions of rands from Germany and France have vanished?
  21. Why is everyone so worked up if Steenbras dam is full?
  22. What are the Argus Cycle tour and Two Oceans marathon doing about water?
  23. Why are they not using trains to transport water to Cape Town?
  24. Why are we not using cloud seeding to make it rain?
  25. Are those thin clouds behind planes actually chemical trails and a secret government plot?
  26. Where can I have my water tested?
  27. How do I find out who my ward councillor is?
  28. I want to sanitise the water in my plastic tanks – how much ‘Jik’ do I use?
  29. What are your rental rights during the water crisis?

If you have a question, please send it, via email, to dave@wswc.org.za