What are the Argus Cycle tour and Two Oceans marathon doing about water?

We urge you to chgeck their websites – most event managment companies are takig the issue very seriously. See the Argus’ reply to Deon:

“Dear Deon

Many thanks for your mail. Please rest assured that we at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust are taking the issue of water usage and the water shortage extremely seriously.

We have implemented a process that will see us striving to ensure that we use no water from the City of Cape Towns Municipal supply on the day of the event. We intend to effect a multi pronged effort in achieving this from transporting water in for the event from areas that are not affected by such shortages, use of desalinated water, cancellation of all shower facilities on the day as well converting to the use of chemical toilets only. A comprehensive communications plan is in place to deal with communicating with all inbound cyclists explaining to them the dire situation we face and how we expect them to behave during their stay as regards water usage.

As a Cape Town resident and concerned citizen let me assure you that we will be making every effort to ensure that we meet the 0% tolerance set for ourselves.

I would be more than happy to share our plans with you in more detail as we get nearer the event.”