Why is the City not using the water from the Table Mountain Springs?

The springs around Table Mountain may seem abundant but they deliver only a fraction of the water necessary for the city to survive. In addition they may not be touched unless the city obtains licenses from Dept Water and Sanitation as they did to start using the Oranjezicht(?) spring. The springs may also seem pristine but the city, as water services provider, is required to treat the water to a standard as specified by the Drinking Water Quality Standards and regulated by the Water Services Act.

Any water abstracted from nature falls under the purview of the National Water Act which is administrated by the Dept of Water and Sanitation. Use for domestic purposes (and non-feedlot animals) are free and already authorised by Schedule 1 of the National Water Act. For all other uses water users are required to apply for authorisation from the Dept of Water and Sanitation. They also pay for this water use. These charges are changed on a yearly basis and is published on the Dept of Water and Sanitation website.

That said, we do need to make better use of springs, and celebrate their role in Cape Town’s birth. Follow “Reclaim Camissa” for more info.