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This is a template that can be used by any “community”
–be it a neighbourhood, campus, body corporate or institution employing a large number of people

City of Cape Town documents:

  1. CoCT’s Day Zero FAQ
  2. CoCT’s Critical Water shortages disaster plan
  3. CoCT’s draft Water amendment By-law Summary
  4. CoCT’s draft Water amendment By-law
  5. City of Cape Town level 6 water restrictions
  6. CoCT’s Water Services and Urban Water cycle document
  7. CoCT’s Application form for increased quota.
  8. CoCT’s Water map viewer
  9. CoCT’s Map viewer – guide
  10. CoCT’s form to apply for increased quota.
  11. Water Bylaws for the Building and Construction Industry
  12. CoCT’s Open Data Portal.
  13. Cape Town Tourism’s guide to water wise tourism in the Mother City

DWS documents:

  1. DWS’ water related maps
  2. DWS’ Cape Town dam levels – update each Tuesday afternoon
  3. DWS’ Western Cape dam levels – updated each Tuesday afternoon.

Association documents:

  1. The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa
  2. The South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA)

WWF documents:

  1. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #1 – preparing for Day Zero
  2. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #2 – getting to grips with groundwater
  3. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #3 – securing your drinking water
  4. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #4 – What to do when you can’t flush the loo
  5. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #5 – The power of pulling together
  6. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #6 – Keeping the doors of work open
  7. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #7 – Debunking desalination
  8. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #8 – We are not alone
  9. WWF’s Wednesday Water File #9 – Living the waterless life

WSWC documents and links:

  1. Just how severe is the current drought – an engineering analysis of annual inflows
  2. Debunking the “Water scandal in Cape Town- all for privatization and pure greed”document
  3. A water harvesting tool to help you work out what tanks you need
  4. Where to have your water tested.
  5. MzansiAmanzi Satellite monitoring of surface water resources

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